Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

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Englische Episodenliste
Staffel 1
1.The One Who Inherits the Game
2.Flame Wingman
3.Etoile Cyber
4.5 Polymers! VWXYZ
5.A Demon Deck of Darkness
6.Miracle of Winged Kuribo
7.Shou's Vehicle Deck
8.Ultimate! Cyber End Dragon!
9.Single Attack Shot! Upsetting the Table!
10.Judai and Shou! Tag Duel! (Part 1)
11.Judai and Shou! Tag Duel! (Part 2)
12.Oxygen + Hydrogen = H20 Dragon!
13.Wild Release! S.A.L Duel
14.VS Psycho Shocker
15.Tennis Duel of Spring Life
16.King Goblin of the Dark Night
17.Draw! Draw! Draw!
18.VS Yugi's Deck (Part 1)
19.VS Yugi's Deck (Part 2)
20.The Maidens in Love are Strong Deck!
21.Prevent Fusion! Juudai VS Misawa (Part 1)
22.Summon Wildman! Judai VS Misawa (Part 2)
23.Strength Draining! Mokemoke Duel
24.Fukkatsu! Banjoume Thunder
25.Versus Manjoume Thunder (Part One), Threat of the Armed Dragon
26.Versus Manjoume Thunder (Part Two), Armed Dragon Level Seven
27.An Extracurricular Lesson is a Dark Duel!? (Part One)
28.An Extracurricular Lesson is a Dark Duel!? (Part Two)
29.Versus Darkness (Part One), Challenge of the Red Eyes Black Dragon
30.Versus Darkness (Part Two), Attack of the Red Eyes Darkness Dragon
31.Chronos VS Vampire Camilla
32.Kaiser VS Camilla, Activating the Demon Gate!
33.Shine! Shining Flare Wingman
34.Travelling into Boiling Water! Blue Eyes White Dragon
35.Union of Brothers! Ojama Delta Hurricane
36.Misawa vs. Amazoness! Marrying for a Son-in-Law Duel
37.Human Bullet Duel! Death Ring of the Amazoness
38.Underwater Duel! The Legendary Capital Atlantis
39.The Great Detective Thunder VS The Black Scorpion Burglars
40.H-E-R-O Flash!
41.Invoking the Dark Arena! Asuka Versus Titan
42.School Festival Duel! The Trespassing Bla-Magi Girl
43.Asuka's Second Chance at Love!?
44.The Shadow of the Seventh
45.Versus Amunael! The Absolute Seal on the Elemental Heroes
46.Earth Water Fire Wind Fusion! Erikshieler!
47.Asuka VS Manjoume! Cyber Angel Benten
48.Versus Kagemaru (Part One), The Two Demons
49.Versus Kagemaru (Part Two) The Awakening of the Three Legendary Demons
50.Hayato VS Chronos! Sunrise of Ayers Rock
51.Versus Kaiser (Part One), Power Bond And Cyber End
52.Versus Kaiser (Part Two), Final Fusion
53.The Beginning of Fate! Ed Phoenix the Freshman
54.Thunder VS The Elite! Mecha-Ojama King Takes Off
55.Tyranno Kenzan Appears!
56.Shou VS the Insect Maiden! Insect Princess
57.Kaiser VS Ed! Pro League Battle
58.VS Ed (Part One), E Hero Against E Hero
59.VS Ed (Part Two), The Fated D Heroes
60.Asuka vs. Fubuki! The Path to Sibling Idol
61.Saiou Appears! The Fated Tarot Deck
62.The New Elemental Hero! Neos
63.Kenzan VS Curry Demon! Spicy Duel
64.Sho vs. Kenzan! A Duel with Passionate Thoughts Toward Big Brother
65.Hell Kaiser Ryou! Chimeratech Over Dragon
66.Juudai's First Year Dream Duels!
67.VS Ed (Part One), New Power! Aqua Neos
68.VS Ed (Part Two), The Blazing Flare Neos
69.Chronos VS Napoleon! March of the Toy Soldiers
70.Asuka VS Manjoume White Thunder!
71.VS Game Champ! The Giant Battleship Tetran Launches
72.Destroy the Deck of Destruction
73.Kenzan VS Saiou! That's Dinosaur DNA
74.Hades Frog! Living Frog! Des Frog!
75.Field Trip Tag Duel!
76.Ultimate Combination! Rex Union
77.The Four Monarchs of Terror! Demiourgos EMA
78.The Ultimate Tag!? Juudai & Ed (Part One)
79.The Ultimate Tag!? Juudai & Ed (Part Two)
80.Alice in Despairland
81.Quiz Duel!? VS Nazora Panel 9
82.Misawa VS Manjoume, Assault Cannon Beetle
83.Hell Kaiser Ryou VS Master Samejima
84.Genex Opens! Aim to be Number One!
85.The God Card, 「Ra, the Winged Dragon」 Manipulated by a Normal Man!?
86.Duel on a Stage Passageway
87.Do Your Best! Ojama Trio (Part One)
88.Do Your Best! Ojama Trio (Part Two)
89.Hell Kaiser VS Darkness Fubuki
90.Pride of the Academia
91.The One Turn Kill God of Death
92.Triangle Duel
93.A White Night Duel! Juudai VS Asuka (Part One)
94.White Night's Dragon! Juudai VS Asuka (Part Two)
95.The Brothers' Duel of Morals, Ryou VS Shou
96.Relativity Field! Juudai VS The Genius Professor
97.Appearance! The Mysterious World Champ!
98.Invoked at Last! The Ultimate D Card
99.Juudai VS the Dreaded Laser Satellite
100.The Ultimate Arcana 「The World」
101.Ed, The Deciding Strike! 「Bloo-D」
102.The Surging Light VS The Neo Spacians
103.Juudai in a Pinch! Field Spell 「The Seal of Light」
104.How To Achieve Victory?! Juudai VS Saiou
105.Start of the New Semester! Premonitions of Trouble
106.Juudai and the Gem Beast Deck of Johann
107.The Neo Spacians VS The Gem Beasts
108.The Assassin of Professor Cobra
109.Juudai and the Fiery O'Brien
110.Tyranno Kenzan and Jim's Fossilized Dinos
111.Manjoume and the Cloud Deck of Amon
112.Thunder VS Eye of the Typhoon
113.Juudai VS The Traitorous Elemental Heroes
114.A Desperate Situation! Mistakenly Injured Heroes
115.Geese, the Hunter of Spirits
116.The Gem Beasts VS the Watchdogs of Hell
117.Decisive Battle! Juudai VS Professor Cobra
118.Terror! The King of Poisonous Serpents, Venominon
119.Triple Conact Fusion! Magma Neos
120.Battle in a Strange World! The Gem Beasts VS the Harpy Ladies!
121.Desert Survival! Johann VS The Doodlebug
122.Crisis at Duel Academia! Fear of the Zombie Students
123.The Mission to Save Rei! Elemental Heroes VS the Fallen Angel Nurse
124.Division Amongst the Academy! A Duel of Hunger
125.Johann, Jim, and O'Brien VS the Three Masked Knights
126.Juudai VS Manjoume, Dragon Soldier Dark Sword
127.Opening the Seal, Martin
128.The Gem Beasts VS Cyber End Dragon
129.Threat of the three legendary demons! Judai Vs. Martin
130.The awakening of the rainbow dragon
131.Grand gathering of ace cards!! Open door of different dimension
132.A life-or-death duel
133.Judai Vs. Scarr, scout of dark world
134.Judai Vs. Zure, knight of dark world
135.Judai Vs. Brron, mad king of dark world
136.Activate sacred scriptures of wickedness! Reing-beaux, evil lord of dark realm
137.Sho's decision [Proof of friendship]
138.Descent of supreme king - The death duelists
139.Dark fusion! INFERNO WING!
140.The first and probably last super fusion activation
141.The supreme king of terror! The wandering O'Brien
142.The victor is righteous! The supreme king Vs. O'Brien
143.Volcanic devil Vs. the most henious evil hero
144.Activate! Ultimate unsealing ritual technique
145.Summon the ultimate forbidden god, Exodia!
146.The sealed fusion
147.A clash of fate! Cyber-style Vs. The gem beasts
148.The ultimate dragon showdown! Cyber end Vs. Dark rainbow
149.Clash of the demon gods! Mythic demon Vs. Exodia
150.Summon "Yubel"!
151.Neos Vs. Advanced gem beasts
152.Activate super fusion! Rainbow neos
153.Confrontation of the chosen cards! Elemental heros VS Yubel
154.Supreme king Judai resurrected!
155.Rainbow neos Vs. Jubel ultimate incarnation
156.Judai revived!? A brand NEW journey
157.A looming threat! The mysterious visitor
158.Farewell, Duel Academia! The path Judai chooses!
159.The truth behind darkness! Judai Vs. Fubuki
160.Fusing souls! Neos Vs. Five god dragon
161.Shall we duel? Invitation to a pair duel
162.Judai Vs. Asuka: face-down card of hidden emotions
163.Challenge from psycho shocker
164.The inherited Cyber-dark dragon
165.Shoot for it! Manjyome, the path to a pro duelist!
166.Armed Dragon VS Dragoon D End
167.Gratitude duel! Chronos Vs the original dropout boy
168.Graduation duel starts! Neos Vs Horus the black flame dragon
169.The price of decision! O'Brien, darkness in fire
170.Saiou returns! Activate "The decisive power of absolute destiny!"
171.The End of Destiny! Magma Neos VS The Dark Ruler
172.Duel academia crisis! The jewel beasts blocking the way
173.Darkness invasion, the stolen memories
174.Activate, clear world! Ferocious negative effect
175.Battle royal! Juday Vs Johan Vs Fujiwara
176.Rainbown neos, protector of bonds Vs Clear vicious knight
177.The combo of terror, Nihilty and Infinity
178.Final Hope! Yuki Judai 最後の希望!遊城十代 (2008-03-12)
179.Good-Bye Judai! Tears of Graduation. さよなら十代!涙の卒業式 (2008-03-19)
180.The True Graduation Duel! Judai VS Legendary Duelist 真の卒業デュエル!十代VS伝説のデュエリスト (2008-03-26)
Deutsche Episodenliste
Staffel 1
.Die Reifeprüfung (1)